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Get your swimming essentials ready

You are going camping this weekend; what will you take on your journey? You will know exactly what to take, a good camping tent or tents depending on the number of people taking this trip with you, fire wood, sheets or quilts, lamps, torches and most importantly food, snacks and other drinks. The list could actually go on but those are like few essentials I could think of the moment you talk about camping and similarly, if you are to start a sport; swimming in particular what are the things that you’d most probably need? This read will list down some of those essentials for a beginner in swimming.


You think of badminton and it’s almost like playing tennis, you think of cricket, it’s more like playing Elle, I’m not telling they are 100% the same thing but they could be grouped as games in same family but I feel that there is no substitute for swimming just because there’s only one thing that you can do when you get into water, either dive, snorkel and all of these different moves belong to nothing but swimming. For anyone who has never done swimming as a sport since you were small, never think that you are too late to start it over. People usually think that swimming is something that they should do from their small days, otherwise they will not be able to catch it up.


That is a complete myth and I tell you, if you need to learn something new, you are never too old for that as long as you have enough time in hand with the actual need to learn it. There are enough and more sports clubs out there that have great coaches to support the adult beginners to learn any sport they like. When you go out, it’s always great to have skills like swimming, badminton and a bit of cycling could really help you have a good time when you are on outings with friends or family. Without and further do on how great it is to be good in some sport, here you go with a list of must have’s to start swimming.


Swimming suit


This is quite and obvious essential as you will not be ever allowed to swim without one unless it’s something like a private pool that allows you to wear something like a short and skinny. There is a particular material that will be allowed in a pool so make sure to find the right one.


Swimming Cap


In some pools they allow you to not wear a cap but in majority of the pool, a cap is a must especially when it comes to girls as they don’t want hair to be floating all over the water.




This is not a must but it will be good to have one as it will help you put your head inside the water without getting the chlorine into your eyes. This will protect your eyes and clear your vision under water.


If you are a beginner stepping into swimming, then these are some of the essentials that you must start looking out for.

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